Monday, September 14, 2009

US Open

I decided to slack in my work tonight and watched the Nadal vs De Portro semi-final. My favorite tennis player has apparently not bounced back from his injuries yet: it's really hard for me to watch Rafa choke right from the start of the match. Del Portro gave an amazing performance today that drove everyone wild and has sure won him many new fans. Still, I'm so disappointed that Nadal is out--I was seriously hoping he would win the US Open and complete his Career Grand Slam! The time will come when Rafa makes it. The good news is he'll be back in the no.2 spot after this tournament.

Last night I went to Claire's birthday dinner and had fun meeting some people, independent folks with an interest in art, movies, etc. Which was a nice respite since I'm looking to get swamped with work in the coming days. Now I just have to recover from my disappointment at Rafa's loss and get ready for tomorrow's work. Hmm...

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