Saturday, November 14, 2009


My story is coming along slowly. I don't like to discuss or report on work in progress, but let's say I'm aiming for something a lot longer than the short stories I've written so far. It's supposed to be a chapter of a novel--that's the goal for now, if I don't lose momentum in the next few months.

Which is to say, not much to blog about. Here're some photos of what I've been up to lately. More to come next week.

At the Street Music Concert 6 on Oct 30, outside the Hong Kong Arts Center. The monthly gigs are hosted by local musician Kung Chi-shing (violinist on the left). Last month's performance featured Brown Note Collective (structural improvisation) from HK, Bangladesh traditional music, João Marcos Mascarenhas Trio. In the photo are Kung Chi-shing, Peter Suart and Rob Lamont (UK Indie), Matt Gano (USA, Slam Poetry) and Julia Mok (voice/keyboard). Special performance by Jing Wong.

My last day in the Communist Castle on Nov 6. With Carol (receptionist), Fanny (clerk) and Estella (account manager). I didn't organize any farewell party for myself since almost everyone I knew in the office had left. With this departure I'm trying to leave an opening in my life so I can focus on my fiction for a while. Not that I'll sit at home and not try to make any money, but a full-time job isn't on my agenda for now.

With Eileen Chan at the opening of New Bailey on Old Bailey, an art gallery in HK, on Nov 6. Eileen paints wine bottles and her works have been exhibited at various events in town. This Dec she will participate in the Florence Biennale. My good friend EC (half Italian, smooth and always reliable) is helping her with PR, design, logistics, etc. I'm sure he'll make a fabulous tour guide around Florence too!

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  1. Oh, I like this photo account of what you been up to!