Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friends (II)

Some photos for a change.

Polly's first visit to our tango studio and her debut on the dance floor. Polly loves languages, movies and art and she hosts the monthly Kubrick Poetry readings at a local bookstore. These days she works for a private school and recruits students who study to improve their English and their lives, something she is proud of. Last time I hanged out with Polly, we were at a poetry reading and I made a less-than-appreciative remark about the 'motivational' work that was being read on stage, to which Polly replied: 'Oh, I like this kind of stuff.' Our conversation ended up in a giggly embrace and that tells you something about my friend. Good-hearted, hopeful and well-behaved Polly who cherishes her dreams.

Jason Lee and me at the aforementioned poetry reading. Jason is a dedicated young poet and he is working on a book-length poem about Hong Kong. As writers we are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. He sets stringent requirements for his writing, churns out long narratives in verse and follows his own voice rather closely. I write in bits and pieces, or space and absence; I stop once I reach the heart of the story and just live the day. As two persons who have known each other for a little while, Jay and I have our similar traits and differences that intersect in interesting ways: he is slow-moving with an impulsive streak, while I am decisive but also meticulous.

With Phoebe and Kathy at a recent milonga (tango party). I wrote about them briefly in my entry about my tango friends. Phoebe lives her life in tango, writing, art and her moments with friends. Kathy is a young doctor and a carefree girl (in a good way). Both are very popular on the dance floor, except poor Kathy still has not learnt to turn away weirdos who spin her around just a little too hard. I look forward to going back to my tango classes in 2011!

Speaking of tango--here is a photo of me dancing with Bond. 

My dear girl pals Christine and Claire again. The three of us had a little house party around Christmas at Claire's place and here's her cat DD, a little aloof and curious about the strange girls who invaded her space for the night. 


  1. I think you've seen a photo of our white cat, like this one, but ours has one blue eye and one green eye.

    I like it when you post photos.

  2. Yes, lovely photos! I like this too:

    "I write in bits and pieces, or space and absence; I stop once I reach the heart of the story and just live the day."


  3. Are there any other poems/people that you rate in Hong Kong?