Monday, February 21, 2011

We Are Paid In Hope

Len Kuntz is everywhere--almost everyday as we log onto our Facebook pages, this man has a new story or poem out in an online literary journal. Last time I looked he was in PANK and lo & behold! Len was proclaimed the James Brown of flash fiction in this interview at Housefire. Riley Michael Parker says it all: Len Kuntz writes more than we sleep; he writes more than a man has the right to! I know Len waited for all his life until a couple years ago to start writing, but what do the rest of us do with ourselves when this man can churn out stories in the bathtub?! (part two of the interview is here)

And here's a conversation between Brad Green and Court Merrigan. Court is someone I've read for a long while though we haven't talked much, so it's nice for me to read about his views on writing and his work. Court touches on a question that I used to struggle with: How do settings affect characters? Having lived in Hong Kong for most of my life and writing in a second language, settings were a difficult issue for me: How would I capture my hometown in a foreign language that carries a totally different sensibility than that of my native language/culture?

Anyway, here's Court telling us that as writers, we are paid in hope. That should be my consolation for the day, though sometimes it's not even about hope. It's just about, well, not totally falling over to the dark side...

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