Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Negative Suck Word Prompt Issue, Language > Place Blog Carnival #6 & Misc

The May special word prompt issue of Negative Suck is up! Featuring Julia Davies, Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz and others. Our editor and my dear pal Jeff, who likes his morbid thoughts and secret outbursts, has--maybe not so curiously--gone quiet in recent days. I'll wait and see when he resurfaces.

That said, Dark Chaos wants your submissions!

Edition #6 of Language > Place blog carnival, to be hosted by Michelle Elvy at Warm Glow, is open to submissions till May 15. The theme for this edition is 'language and place on the edge'. 

As for me, I'm going through this manuscript of short shorts that I've written in the past months. A handful of them are balanced/crafted as they are, or finished in the sense that I don't see them going anywhere else. The rest I'll tear apart and rework into poems, just to see what these pieces are made of and what I can do. Which means I'll still be writing and hopefully publishing flash pieces, but you probably won't see me and my writing around as much.

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